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Flesh Tone Reference Test Chart (BBC approved)
The flesh tone test chart is designed for evaluating the flesh tone rendition of electronic cameras. The chart developed by the BBC London is a four color offset print. The spectral remission of the flesh tones approximates the natural flesh tone very well.
EBU Universal Film Test Chart (EBU Tech. 3087; Pflichtenheft 8/1.1)
The T13 is designed for checking color and neutral gray reproduction, relative modulation depth, gradation and granularity of film material for television. On a neutral gray background three groups of test components (grays, colors, resolution patterns) are arranged within the picture-relevant area.
T13 A
T13 D
Forty Two
Multi purpose chart for high speed camera testing

This chart contains everything you need to measure the OECF, dynamic range (contrast limited to 1000:1), color reproduction quality, white balance, noise, resolution, shading, distortion, kurtosis.
TE42 A
TE106 / N
TE106 16:9
Color Bar Test Chart
The TE106 is designed for checking the color rendition of TV cameras. The picture area is divided into six color bars showing the three primary colors red, green and blue and the secondary colors cyan, yellow and purple; in addition there is one bar of white and black. The succession corresponds to that of an electronically generated color bar.
TE106 A
TE106 16:9 A
TE106 D
TE106 16:9 D
TE106N D
TE106N 16:9 D
TE111B 16:9
Critical Flesh Tones Test Chart
The TE111 flesh tone test chart  is designed for
evaluating the flesh tone rendition of electronic cameras. The picture shows the portraits of three women with ideal and critical flesh tones.
TE111B A
TE111B 16:9 A
TE111B D
TE111B 16:9 D

TE115 16:9
White Balance Chart 70% Reflectance
The TE 115 chart is designed for white balance. The density of the white area is 0.15 (based on BaSO4=0). This corresponds to a remission of 70%.
TE115 A
TE115 16:9 A
100% Red
The TE123 is designed for measuring the behaviour of the chrominance channel expressed as the signal-to-noise ratio.
TE123 D
Chrominance Responce Test Chart (IEC 61146)
The TE162 is designed to measure the amplitude frequency response of the chrominance channels. The test chart is a color multiburst pattern, covering a spatial frequency range from 100 kHz to 1.5 MHz.
TE162 A
TE162 D
EBU/CAM Test Chart (EBU Tech. 3237)
TE169 is designed to measure color reproduction. The chart consists of 18 color patches and six patches from white to black.
TE169 A
TE188 16:9
Color Rendition Chart (X-Rite ColorChecker)
The TE188 was designed with respect of the well-known 'ColorChecker'. The chart consists of 18 color patches and a 6-step gray scale, and is used in photography, film and TV.
TE188 4:3 A280
TE188 16:9 A280
TE188 A460
TE188 16:9 A460
TE188 D
TE188 16:9 D
Cine Color Test Chart
The test chart is composed of the three primary colors Red, Green and Blue and the secondary colors Yellow, Purple and Cyan.
TE209 A
Color Rendition Test Chart (IEC 61146)
The TE214 is designed for assessment of the color rendition of electronic cameras. It consists of a neutral gray background, a white field, a black field (super black hole) with a remission of < 0.5% and a second black field, where color patterns may be applied alternatively.
TE214 A
TE214 D
Blooming Test Chart (IEC 61146)
The TE215 is designed to measure the blooming effect of an electronical video camera. Therefore the black test chart contains a small rectangular window.
TE215 A
TE215 D
Moiré Test Chart (IEC 61146)
The TE216 is designed for determining the degree of crosstalk of FM-luminance sidebands into the down-converted chrominance band, being demodulated as unwanted color signals (the socalled 'cross-color').
TE216 A
TE216 D
Y-C-Offset Test Chart (IEC 61146)
The TE217 is designed to measure the Y-C-offset. It contains a black center area surrounded by white space and four green patches around that on a gray background.
TE217 D
Scanner Color Test Chart (IEC 61966-8)
The TE221 is designed to calibrate the color reproduction of a scanner. 264 color patches and 22 gray patches are on the chart.
TE221 A
TE222 16:9
HDTV Color Resolution Test Chart
The TE222 is designed to measure color resolution of HD cameras. R, G, B, BY and MC multiburst patterns from 2 MHz to 20 MHz are on the chart.
TE222 16:9 A
TE222 16:9 D
TE226 16:9
HDTV Color Rendition Test Chart
The TE226 is designed for the evaluation of the color rendition of HDTV cameras. The chart consists of 36 color patches and a 9-step gray scale. In addition to the primary and secondary colors the test chart contains mainly the colors, which are critical in reproduction, e.g. dark and light skin tones, foliage, blue sky, orange, violet and others.
TE226 16:9 D
Color Key Test Chart
The TE229 is designed to check colors of a camera. A circle of 30 different colors and four patches with the colors white, gray, green and blue are on the chart.
TE229 A
X-Rite Color Checker SG
The Digital ColorChecker Semi Gloss (SG) is specifically designed to meet the needs of digital photography. It consists of 140 patches, includes standard ColorChecker, skin-tone reference colors and gray scale steps. It is mounted on an aluminium plate.
TE230 A
TE232 16:9
Log. Gray Scale/Color Test Chart 16:9 (super black hole in folders)
The TE232 is designed for the evaluation of the halftone and color reproduction of an electronic camera. Two 11-graduated counter current gray scales are arranged on a gray background (graduated logarithmically) and there are two color patches representing the three primary colors as well as the three secondary colors.
TE232 16:9 A
TE233 16:9
Color Chart with 24 colors and 4 skin tones
The TE233 is designed for measuring the color reproduction of HD cameras, for selective color correction and for making color reference shootings for post production. The chart is composed of color patches including the three basic colors, the secondary colors and patches with four skin tones.
TE233 16:9 A
TE234 16:9
Color Gradation Test Chart
The TE234 consists of different color grades. It is used to check quantization errors which result in visible steps in the grades.
TE234 16:9 A
Surveillance Camera Test Chart
The TE235 is desigend for the on-site testing of surveillance cameras. The chart roughly corresponds to the size of a person. It consists of different line pairs, a sector star, a gray scale and color fields. It is supplied with a tripod which allows the chart to be tilted and turned by 360°.
TE235 A
TE256 16:9
Color and Calibration Test Chart revised Version of TE232 (super black hole in folders)
The TE256 is designed to color align HD cameras.
TE256 A
IT8 Scanner Characterization Chart
The TE258 is designed to characterise slide/ print scanners. It is suitable to create color management profiles for scanners.
TE258 K