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Image Engineering introduces prototype of LE7 with iQ-LED

A revolution in test chart illumination and camera calibration!

Do you want to perform your camera measurements using D65? And then D50 and your very own light source? What about if this would be possible without changing the light source or changing filter? What about if the accuracy of the standard light would be extreme high and you can change within a fraction of a second between them? Image Engineering presents the all new LE7 with the iQ-LED light source.

LE7 with iQ-LED with different illuminance

LE7 with iQ-LED and different illuminance


The user interface of the control software in prototype stage with light set D65

The iQ-LED is the latest development project of Image Engineering. It is a multi channel LED light source that gives you the possibility to generate the spectral characteristics of nearly every needed light source in just one device.

With its 22 different software controlled LED channels it is possible to generate the spectrum of standard light sources such as D50, D55, D65, A, B, C etc. with a very high accuracy. Next to that, you can generate your own spectrum, for example to sample the spectrum you have measured on-site. The technical characteristics of the iQ-LED are particularly designed for the high requirements in the field of camera testing and camera calibration.


The 22 channels of the iQ-LED source

The 22 channels of the iQ-LED source

The LE7 with iQ-LED is the first Image Engineering product that uses this new kind of light source. The integrated spectral radiometer, combined with the iQ-LED Control-Software, enables the user not only to select from different predefined light sources, it also allows him to create his own spectral arrangement and saves these to recall it anytime and for any kind of testing. Because of the usage of different LED types over a broad range of the spectrum it is possible to use narrowband illuminating in different spectral areas and creating any kind of color. Changing between different light settings is possible without any delays and can be arranged as a test procedure, defined per software by your own will.

The basic design of the LE7 is close to our previously LE6, so all testcharts can still be used as usual. The launch of the LE7 with iQ-LED is planned for mid-summer 2013. A prototype will be introduced at Electronic Imaging Conference in Burlingame, California. Please contact us for detailed information, technical specifications and prices under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We are looking forward to your questions.


Housing integrating sphere 0.5m / BaSO4 coated
Light source 2 x iQ-LED (160 LEDs in 22 channels)
Preset Light sources A, B, C, D50, D55, D65, D75 (F2, F11, F12 with lower CRI’s)
Illumination on chart level around 1800 Lux for most of illuminants
Interface USB 1.1
Tripod available
Power consumption < 100 W
Power supply 100 – 240 V (AC)
Dimension 630 x 710 x 488 mm


Intensity adjustment per channel 1000 steps
LED PWM dimming 32 kHz
Response time (changing a light set) 40 Hz
CRI > 98 for most of illuminants
Spectral range 400 nm to 800 nm
LED channels 20 narrowband LED channels, 2 white LED channels (cold/warm)