IEEE-P2020 Initiative

Upcoming Standard for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)


P2020 automotive
Over the past decade, the automotive sector has become one of the most important image quality applications. As technology continues to advance, and we become ever closer to a reality with driverless cars, it has become vital to design automotive cameras and sensors with the best possible image quality. As a result, the IEEE-P2020 initiative was formed to address the need for an industry standard on automotive system image quality.

The IEEE-P2020 is made up of industry and imaging experts from around the world. Over the next few years, they will be discussing exactly what contributes to image quality for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Not only that, but the group will also be determining the specific methods and metrics that will be used to ensure consistency across the industry when designing and implementing an ADAS.

As the automotive industry continues to advance, so too does the reliance on these systems by the consumer. Thus, an industry wide standard has become crucial for imaging experts to guarantee high quality and most importantly safety.

The IEEE-P2020 is still in its early stages, with the first two official meetings taking place last year in Brussels and Renningen, Germany respectively. The next sit down meeting will take place in Detroit on May 22nd, which is a few days before the AutoSens US (also in Detroit) from May 24-25, 2017. The goal is to have a first publication later next year.

If you are in the automotive or imaging industries and are interested in the future of this standard, then we encourage you to get involved. Currently, our CTO Uwe Artmann and a few other of our engineers are active participants in the discussions, as we feel this is a great opportunity to help ADAS take a positive step toward a successful future.

For more information on how you can become involved in the initiative please visit the IEEE-P2020 web page.