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Over a year and a half ago, an initiative was started with the goal of establishing an international standard in the area of security and surveillance cameras. At the time, when no such standard existed, manufacturers within the industry recorded measurements without guidelines, often times leading to issues in evaluating results and creating dangerous situations. That will all change in the late fall or early winter when standard IEC 62676-5 will be officially published as the new guideline for how to evaluate the image quality of most digital surveillance cameras.

During the drafting of the standard, the committee of imaging and industry experts including Image Engineering, incorporated many measurements that are already based on existing ISO and IEC standards for video cameras. So, many of the current tools utilized by security companies can continue to be used.

With that being said, we are already providing a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help security companies and engineers prepare for the upcoming release of the standard. The centerpiece of our solutions is the LG3 light box.

The LG3 is capable of illuminating a high contrast test target with over 150,000 lx, thus creating very high dynamic ranges, similar to those found in surveillance images, within the test area. This unique device also uses flicker mode (choose between pulse width modulation and variable duty cycle or flicker mode with variable duty cycle), which is particularly important when measuring variable frequencies.

Our Starter Kit and Turnkey Solution for security both come with carefully selected test charts. These charts will help you measure everything from resolution (chart TE253) to distortion (TE251). Also included is the TE269C chart for measuring grey scale for high dynamic range tests that often occur in security scenes.

As public safety and security continues to be vitally important, it is necessary for international standards such as the IEC 62676-5 to exist in order to establish guidelines for all security manufacturers and engineers to follow. Not only did Image Engineering participate in the development of this standard, but we have also put together a Starter Kit and Turnkey Solution to simplify the process of implementing this new standard for security companies. Ultimately, this will help improve the image quality of video surveillance systems and improve the safety and security of the public.

To learn more about the standard please follow this link: IEC 62676-5

For more information on the Starter Kit and Turnkey Solution for security see this page:Solutions


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