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The LE7 is a uniform light box that uses iQ-LED V2 technology to increase the effectiveness of image quality camera testing with transparent test charts.

iQ-LED V2 technology is a light source that is capable of generating custom spectra to replicate various light sources in a test lab environment. As with our other iQ-LED products, the LE7 uses 20 LED-channels to emulate almost any light spectrum for your camera testing.

The LE7 contains from two or four iQ-LED elements and is based on the principle of an integrating sphere to provide > 97% uniformity of the active chart area.

This product uses a mini-spectrometer with a spectral range of 350 – 860 nm to ensure better spectral resolution and higher sensitivity.

iQ-LED control software is provided with the LE7. Additionally, an iQ-LED API is also available as a separate option for integration into your own design.

LE7-IR – Adjustable light extending to the IR spectrum

In the LE7-IR version, two iQ-LED V2 elements cover the visible spectrum and four iQ-LED IR elements with 11 channels are in the near infrared region. These extra IR elements extend the spectral range from 380 – 1050 nm. The control software and API do not change.

Principle Integrating sphere to illuminate transparent test charts based on iQ-LED technology
Light source 2 x iQ-LED V2 / 4 x iQ-LED V2 / 2 x iQ-LED V2 + 4 x iQ-LED IR
41 SMD high power LEDs separated into 20 color channels (each unit)
11 additional channels for iQ-LED IR
Intensity Controlled via 4000 steps per channel and 32 kHz
PWM (switchable to 1000 steps with 128 kHz)
Spectral Range 380-820 nm
380-1050 nm (IR)
Uniformity 97 % for active chart area, 280 x 157.5 mm
96 % for full output window, 290 x 220 mm
Predefined standard illuminants D50, D55, D65, D75, A, B, C, E
Illumination stability +/- 1% when stabilized (2% after switching D illuminants in the first five seconds)
Response time (switch illuminant) < 50ms
Maximum/ Minimum illumination values LE7-2 x / LE7-IR: Up to 6000lx for standard D illuminants
LE7-4x: Up to 12000 lx for standard D illuminants
Min. 25 lx (depending on illuminant and required curve fit / CRI), with ND filters for low intensity use down to 1.5 lx
Power Supply 110 V / 230 V
LE7-2x: 180 W – LE7-4x: 340 W – LE7-IR: 260 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 620 x 730 x 430 mm
Weight 16 kg
* Product variant: