One of the most important aspects of image quality testing is ensuring your reflective test chart or test scene has proper illumination. Many labs only have standard light sources that are unable to create a wide range of lighting situations. The iQ-Flatlight solves this issue by using iQ-LED technology.

iQ-LED V2 technology is a light source that is capable of generating custom spectra to replicate various light sources in a test lab environment. As with our other iQ-LED products, the iQ-Flatlight uses 20 LED-channels to emulate almost any light spectrum for your camera testing. Each light contains ten individual iQ-LED V2 elements that allow for maximum intensity of 2000 lux per pair on the chart plane and a spectral range of 380 to 820 nm.

With the introduction of iQ-LED V2, it is now possible to control the functionality of the lights without the use of a PC. You can store up to 44 different illuminants, and one sequence on the device (controllable via microswitches on the device itself).

The iQ-Flatlight uses a mini-spectrometer with a spectral range of 350 – 860 nm to ensure better spectral resolution and higher sensitivity. The spectrometer is also able to calibrate the lights.

It is also the perfect complement for VCX testing. All of the light sources outlined in the VCX white paper can be recreated with the iQ-LED, which allows for more efficient VCX mobile phone testing.

The iQ-Flatlight is always sold as a pair of two and includes iQ-LED control software (which has predefined standard illuminants) and a height-adjustable rolling cart for each light. We also offer an iQ-LED API as a separate option.

Each iQ-Flatlight is available with the standard 10 iQ-LED modules. We also offer the option of adding three fluorescent tubes to each light for basic fluorescent illumination.

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Principle Diffuse light panel to illuminate reflective test charts and surfaces based on iQ-LED V2 technology
Light sources 10 x iQ-LED V2 each with 41 SMD high power LEDs separated into 20 color channels
Spectral range: 380 – 820 nm
3 x HQ fluorescent tube F11 18 W/940
Intensity Controlled via 4000 steps per channel and 32 kHz PWM (switchable to 1000 steps with 128 kHz)
Uniformity > 90% (with two iQ-Flatlights in ~1.5 m distance, depending on test setup)
Illumination stability +/- 1% when stabilized (2% after switching D illuminants in the first 5 s)
Response time < 50 ms
Dim function iQ-LED:
Software-based by presetting the intensity while the calibration device is in the measurement position, or by selecting different pre-stored intensity illuminants directly on the device
Fluorescent tubes:
1000 step software or device-based dim control
Predefined standard illuminants D50, D55, D65, D75, A, B, C, E
Service life 10,000 h (iQ-LED V2)
16,000 h (fluorescent tubes)
Power supply 210 - 230 V / 950 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 870 x 1530 - 1830 x 710 mm
(300 mm height adjustable)
Weight 65 kg

Price on REQUEST.

iQ-Flatlight product image
iQ-Flatlight test scene thumb
iQ-Flatlight test scene thumb