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Desktop control software for iQ-LED devices and the EX2

The iQ-LED software provides extensive and convenient control for flawless operation of iQ-LED illumination devices and EX2 spectrometer.

It will enable you to push the limits of iQ-LED light sources simulating standard illuminants, reproducing measured light or creating your specific illuminants maintaining control over every single spectral channel of your device. You can handle multiple devices, save and load illuminants or create and playback illumination sequences.

Due to the seamless integration of spectrometers, you can inspect measured spectra, compare them with the target references and look up calculated characteristics, such as illuminance, correlated color temperature (CCT) or color rendering index (CRI). You can even simulate photometric measurements at a different position (e.g., in a LE7 chart plane) using compensation factors.

With iQ-LED software, the process of periodical device calibration protecting you from any effects caused by burn-in or long-term degradation of LEDs will become a simple task.


  • Suitable for any iQ-LED device
  • Comfortable user interface
  • Handling of multiple devices
  • Saving and loading illuminants
  • Controlling every single spectral channel
  • Composing and running illumination sequences
  • Spectrometer aided control loop for high-precision illuminants
  • Device calibration ensuring constant quality at the highest level
  • Mixed-light situations for lightSTUDIO-L
  • Ability to turn off individual modules
  • Flash measurement tool
  • Chromaticity plot
  • Color patch generator

Calculated quantities

  • Photometry:
    • Illuminance [lux]
    • Luminance [cd/m²]
    • Correlated color temperature (CCT) [K]
    • Color rendering index (CRI)
  • Colorimetry:
    • Color difference Delta E (CIE 2000) between actual and reference illuminant
    • Real time measurement of the colorimetry values including: X Y Z / x y / u' v'
  • Accuracy:
    • The accordance between actual and reference spectrum (FIT)
    • Spectral camera calibration index (SCI)

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iQ-LED technology overview

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