VCX is a non-profit organization dedicated to objective image quality testing of mobile phone cameras. Each phone that is submitted for testing undergoes an independent evaluation and receives a numeric score. The camera is tested for its image quality performance under a variety of factors including bright light conditions, low light conditions, and zoom among others. The final score is the sum of the performance of each image quality factor. For more information, please see the VCX-Forum website.

Image Engineering is one of the trusted VCX testing labs. Using our test equipment, we have set up our lab in line with the specifications outlined by the VCX white paper. As VCX is an open and independent testing organization, any lab can request the white paper to conduct in-house testing on their own. We are making our test setup available for any test lab that wishes to test on their own or aspires to become an officially certified test lab of VCX.

The VCX-Complete is the most extensive solution and allows you to perform all of the image quality tests described in the white paper. This setup includes both the VCX-iQ and the VCX-timing solutions as well as a few other products for motion testing (listed below).

Please contact us for consultation and pricing for the solution.

The VCX-Complete solution consists of:

Test Charts:
  • TE42- Multi-purpose chart for quickly testing multiple image quality factors.
  • TE261 - Measure the SFR (spatial frequency response) of digital cameras. The default chart for the AF-Box.
 Chart mounting:
Front Illumination:
  • Tungsten Illumination System - Tungsten halogen light with two independent switchable tungsten halogen bulbs and a very compact metal housing.
Camera and illumination mounting:
Measurement devices:
  • iQ-AF Box- Illumination box with four dimmable fluorescent tubes.
  • LED Panel (2x)- A measurement device to determine shutter and shooting time lag, autofocus time, frame rate, and exposure times of digital imaging devices.
  • iQ-Trigget-T- Mechanical finger for touch screens.
  • STEVE 2D - A unique device for stability measurement.
  • Gossen Mavolux 5032 B USB - Digital luxmeter and luminance meter classified according to DIN 5032-7 and CIE 69.
Analysis software:

Price on REQUEST.