Medical / Endoscopy

starter kit medical endoscopy

Smaller charts for smaller more precise cameras

Most medical imaging applications are designed to capture images on a macroscopic or microscopic scale, meaning the test charts have to be small.


The Medical Starter Kit uses the CAL4, an integrating sphere with a diameter of 30 cm, to ensure uniform illumination. A flange for the typical medical light sources is included, but the light source is not provided in the kit. The light source that will be used in later applications should also be the one used during testing.

Perpendicular to the illumination, the integrating sphere has an opening with a chart holder for the 5 x 5 cm charts. The TE253 9x (according to ISO 12233) with sinusoidal Siemens stars is available in size D35 for resolution measurement. For measuring the OECF, dynamic range, and noise, the TE240 chart with 24 gray steps (according to ISO 21550) is part of the package. Check color with a transparent version of the X-Rite ColorChecker (TE188 D35). For visual determination, the TE250 resolution chart, standardized in ISO 3334 for microfilm analysis, is included.

The Starter Kit - Medical / Endoscopy consists of:

  • CAL4-E - 30cm integrating sphere (without light source)
  • TE188 - TE188 color rendition chart size D35 (X-Rite ColorChecker)
  • TE240 - TE240 ISO 21550 dynamic range chart size D35 (available with max. density 4.0 or 6.0)
  • TE250 - USAF 1951 target chart size D35
  • TE253-9x - modulated sinusodial siemens star (slanted edge, kurtosis) chart size D35

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