starter kit security image

Determine image quality of security cameras

The constant growth in camera technology is expanding the requirements for imaging technologies in the field of security. New functions such as motion and face detection have become standard features.

Data flow is continuously growing and with it the demand for image material with a defined quality, thus making a software-based evaluation possible. This Starter Kit is based on the current state of technology.

A security camera needs to work under various conditions, from direct sunlight to very low light levels, often using tungsten or LED lights. Accounting for these high contrast levels is crucial. Thus the cameras have a high dynamic range, and it may be best to use the TE269C V2 (according to the upcoming standard IEC 62676-5: video surveillance systems) in front of the LG3 lightbox.

For measuring resolution and optical parameters, the standard targets (TE253, TE251) can be used in combination with the iQ-Analyzer software.

The Starter Kit - Security consists of:

  • LG3 - lighting box with a wide range of intensities and special flicker mode
  • TE253-9x - modulated sinusoidal siemens star (slanted edge, kurtosis) chart size A1066
  • TE269C V2 - OECF 36, contrast 5,000,000:1, size D280
  • TE251 - distortion, chromatic aberration crosses chart size A1066
  • TE285 - IR reflection, size A360
  • iQ-Analyzer - all modules including one-year maintenance program
  • iQ-Wallmount - wall mounting frame for four reflective charts

Price on REQUEST.