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Get to know your lens-camera-system in detail

The lens is a vital part of an imaging system, so it is worth a detailed check. This package includes all of the tools needed to analyze a lens.

The most important criterion that describes a lens is the Modulation Transfer function (MTF). Using the TE268 test chart, in combination with the iQ-Analyzer, you have an ISO 12233 compliant solution that provides a deep insight into the lens and system performance. With 25 sinusoidal Siemens stars, you can obtain up to 600 MTFs for different positions in the field, as well as various orientations from a single image.

Distortion and shading, the two other significant quality aspects of a lens are just a picture away. The TE251 slides quickly into the field of view using the vertical iQ-Chartmount-V, making checking distortion and chromatic aberrations quick and easy. The LE6 * with test chart TE255 provides a uniform flat field, perfect for shading measurements on an extremely high precision level.

Do you need to check a zoom lens? The iQ-Monopod, together with the 3-Way camera head, takes the hassle out of the camera’s alignment to the chart. The iQ lab uses this setup to test hundreds of lenses a year.

Turnkey solutions

This product is part of our turnkey solutions, providing everything you need to test lenses.

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Test charts
Distortion ∙ chromatic aberration ∙ crosses
Diffusor plate to measure vignetting
Lens resolution test chart
Back illumination devices
Spherical transparency illuminator is working on the principle of an integrating sphere with remote control.
conversion filter for LE6
Chart mounting
iQ-Chartmount V
A vertical sliding chart holder with optional integrating sphere support.
Front illumination devices
Fluorescent tubes 2x
The fluorescent tubes are panel lights that fit exactly to the needs of digital still imaging. They are a system with six fluorescent tubes
Camera and illumination mounting
Mono stand for precise camera positioning.
Manfrotto junior geared head 410
This unique head offers gear movement in three directions.
Measurement devices
Gossen MAVOLUX 5032 B USB
Digital luxmeter and luminance meter classified according to DIN 5032-7 and CIE 69.
Analysis software
Image quality analysis software.

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