Timing measurement

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Beyond startup time and shutter lag

An international standard on how to measure shutter release time lag, shooting time lag, shooting rate and startup time is available now.

Since Image Engineering is part of the ISO group that developed this standard and Dietmar Wueller, our CEO, has been the editor of the document, we know it very well and have designed a Timing Measurement Kit, according to ISO 15781, to meet the requirements.

The iQ-Af Box, with dimmable fluorescent tubes, illuminates the TE261 test chart and is slightly more sophisticated than the chart printed in the ISO 15781 standard itself. With its slanted edges, it can also be used for resolution measurements and focus accuracy tests.

Two LED-Panels in the upper left and lower right corners are electronically connected to be started simultaneously from a single switch. The LED-Box that shows the LED lighting up earlier in the image (after pressing the shutter release button) is the one that will be utilized for the analysis.

We also deliver an iQ-Trigger with the kit to operate the switch accurately. The iQ-Trigger can be attached to a tripod and adjusted to operate the exposure button and the switch at the same time.

Turnkey solutions

This product is part of our turnkey solutions, providing everything you need for timing measurement.

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Test charts
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