iq-mobilemount image

Tripod head for secure holding of mobiles and tablets

The tripod head iQ-Mobilemount holds smartphones and tablets securely. It can support different device sizes and make it possible to switch test models quickly.

iQ-Mobilemount has a standard thread for mounting on tripods such as iQ-Monopod. Recesses on the front and backside hold those areas clear where mobile or tablet cameras could be located; and they prevent contact with possible switches/buttons, which could be located on the sides.

The mobile devices are so secure in the mobile tripod head that they will not slip out of their position even when performing a shaking test with STEVE or when the iQ-Trigger triggers the exposure button. Despite this, exchanging devices happens quickly and comfortably: the fixing screws for securing or removing the test device can be set or opened using an anti-skidding lever.

Maximum device height/depth 175/15 mm
Mounting thread 5x¼" UNC
Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions (w x h x d) 195 x 270 x  60 mm