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Configure your own test stand according to your needs

Image Engineering has developed a huge variety of components for camera test stands over the past years. A whole range of products has been constructed from simple chart holders to fully automated production line solutions. These components have now been put together to form a modular system that can easily be customized for individual requirements.

Every customer can configure his own test stand according to his needs. If there is a missing part it can be filled in without constructing a whole new solution. Therefore camera stands can be constructed faster and more cost-efficient than ever before.

A camera test stand can be divided into the following basic parts.

  • Chart mounting
  • Camera to chart distance
  • Chart illumination sources
  • Illumination directions
  • Camera positioning
  • Camera to chart alignment
  • Housing
  • Software

For each of these parts, we offer a variety of solutions that can be composed into a complete stand.

Basic parts

Chart mounting

For chart mounting, we offer different versions from a simple wall and table mount through a horizontal sliding mount with integrating sphere holder to the manually operated iQ-Chartmount, a vertical sliding chart holder with integrating sphere support. The iQ-Chartmount is also available as a fully automated version.

Currently, only the vertical chart mount has the potential to be automated. If you choose the horizontal chart mount, the automation will not be possible using the current system.

Camera to chart distance

We offer two different systems to adjust the chart camera distance. One is based on a traditional camera stand that consists of a rail and a studio stand with vertical camera adjustment. This system is for manual operation only and large distances can be covered. We use this system with a 23 m rail in our own lab in Cologne.

The second one is the iQ-BENCH a system based on a linear guide that can be motorized. In principle, it can also cover large distances but it requires a certain height to be stable enough for larger cameras. It can also be operated manually.

Camera positioning

On the traditional camera stand the stand itself is used for vertical camera positioning and a special slide can be obtained if horizontal positioning is required.

On the other system, the special iQ-Cameramount is used for the vertical and horizontal (perpendicular to camera chart axis) camera movement


Illumination directions

The illumination can be mounted horizontally to illuminate the chart from the left and the right side. Another possibility is to mount the lights below and above the charts to save space. In the latter case, the minimum distance of the camera to the chart and the uniformity of the illumination may be restricted by the geometrical limitations of the setup.

Chart illumination sources

Our program currently includes three types of illumination sources for reflective charts. They are tungsten halogen lamps that can be filtered to daylight conditions (with a diffuser), fluorescent tubes with daylight characteristics (with diffusor) and our lightHead with various light sources that can be controlled from a computer using a USB interface.

In order to illuminate test charts using the lightHead two of these heads are needed, which are mounted on stands to achieve a uniform illumination.


Camera to chart alignment

In order to align the camera to the chart in the simplest way, it is the best to use a 3-way camera head with micro control. Our motorized iQ-Alignrig can be used for automatic alignment. This device is able to turn the camera on the pitch and yaw to align it to the chart.

An automatic alignment to the chart can be implemented in combination with a live view output of the camera.


If the camera test stand is not set up in a special room it is necessary to cover it from stray light and other aspects of the surrounding environment by using a form of housing. This should ideally be decoupled from the stand itself to prevent an impact on the measurement if someone touches the housing.

The housing will be constructed individually depending on space requirements and limitations. It can have doors which include an automatic power switch off in case someone opens the door. A simple version of a housing is a framework covered with a tarpaulin.


The standard software Image Engineering provides for camera testing is the iQ-Analyzer. The analysis can also be integrated into custom designed production line software or your own software by using the command line option. Since the automation usually requires the interaction of the software with the camera and test stand the software can individually be adapted to each camera. The motorized modules of the test stand are controlled using a USB interface and come with an SDK.

Automation limits

automatic chart exchange vertical iQ-Chartmount
automatic light source change iQ-lightHEAD
automatic camera to chart distance adjustment iQ-Bench
automatic camera to chart alignment iQ-Alignrig

Please note:

If you want to automate the stand, the horizontal chart mount and the traditional camera stand cannot be selected.
The iQ-Cameramount cannot be combined with the traditional camera stand.
* Chart mount:

* Chart distance:



Since this product is highly configurable, we can not provide a specific price at this point.

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