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The quality management system of Image Engineering GmbH & Co. KG has been ISO 9001:2015 certified


A DC-LED driven light source

A unique DC-driven LED light source for evaluating camera systems with extremely short exposure times.


Geometric camera calibration

A new approach to geometric camera calibration using a beam expanded laser and a diffractive optical element.


CDP/CTA Validation Testing

A look into CDP/CTA validation testing at the IE Image Quality Test Lab

Setting up a VCX webcam test lab

Dell TDC - A customer success story

An overview of camera flickering light response

An overview of flicker and solutions for testing its impact on image quality

Image Quality News - November 2023

Adaptive White Technology - Introducing the latest technology for reflective illumination in a test lab

Image Quality News - October 2023

Multipurpose test charts - Evaluate multiple image quality factors in a single image

Image Quality News - September 2023

Webcam test chart - Introducing TE295, a webcam test chart according to VCX


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About Image Engineering

For over 20 years we have been developing image quality
testing solutions for manufacturers of digital cameras.

Located in Kerpen, Germany, our mission has always been
to prepare the ground to create images that change the world by
providing the resources to accurately test the image quality of digital cameras.

Our test charts, test equipment, and analysis software benefit companies from a variety of industries including automotive, mobile phone and security among others, with more reliable solutions for testing and evaluating their imaging devices.
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