Timing Measurement Solutions

‍‍‍iQ-Near Focus, LED-Panel, and TE42-LL Timing

Timing measurements

Timing measurement parameters are often overlooked when performing an image quality assessment. However, they are crucial for understanding a camera system's total performance. We offer many solutions for various camera parameter measurements.

iQ-Near Focus will help you evaluate a camera's autofocus performance. It comprises a high-contrast, motorized, translucent checkerboard test chart that reliably actuates the camera's autofocus.

The LED-Panel closely follows the requirements outlined in ISO 15781 and can measure the essential timing parameters, many in a single image. Two LED-Panels are inserted in the TE42-LL Timing chart so that even more image quality KPIs can be evaluated in a single image.

Follow the link below for a short video of all three products working together.

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‍‍‍The latest light source in the lightSTUDIO product line


The lightSTUDIO-AW uses adaptive white technology and replaces the previous lightSTUDIO-S versions that used fluorescent lighting. It will be available with CRI > 90 or CRI ≥ 95. It also has twin functionality, allowing you to insert a dividing wall to split the test scene into a side-by-side comparison under two separate light spectrums.

We would also like to inform you that we can no longer procure fluorescent or halogen bulbs due to their limited availability worldwide. However, the AW version offers a powerful alternative to these light sources.

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Camera Timing Parameters

‍‍‍An overview of camera timing parameters

Camera timing

One of the most crucial components of a camera system is the performance of its various timing parameters. These parameters are essential to capturing and processing images and help control a camera system's exposure, synchronization, and overall performance.

Understanding and controlling timing parameters allows camera system operators to achieve their desired exposure settings, motion capture, and overall image quality.

Learn more about the timing parameters and our timing measurement devices in our latest blog article.

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VCX-Webcam image quality testing

‍‍An overview of webcam image quality testing and VCX

Webcam testing

With the publication of the VCX-WebCam 2023 international standard, it became clear that while webcam image quality testing is similar to other camera testing, webcams require unique equipment and test lab setups for more accurate testing.

Many of our engineers actively contributed to the development of the VCX standard and, in turn, provided their expertise on the proper testing equipment, including the iQ-Headturner and TE295 test chart for our development team.

Follow the link below for a complete webcam image quality testing and VCX overview.

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IE and Sofica Join Forces

‍‍‍Revolutionizing automated camera testing

Sofica partnership

Last month Image Engineering GmbH & Co. KG of Kerpen, Germany, and Sofica Ltd. of Seinäjoki, Finland, entered into a new strategic partnership in the field of automated camera testing.

Sofica specializes in creating cutting-edge software solutions designed to seamlessly control a variety of testing devices, from chart holders to robotics to illumination systems and many others. Image Engineering is a global leader in providing top-tier lighting solutions, precision test charts, and image evaluation software essential for building comprehensive image quality testing laboratories for Sofica's customers. In return, Sofica will extend Image Engineering's reach by offering automated solutions to its clientele.

CEO Dietmar Wueller said it best: "This synergy will allow each of us to engage further with our customers and meet even more of their testing requirements."

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