Texture loss charts

Test charts for evaluating texture loss performance

texture loss charts

We define texture as low contrast and fine details; thus, our test targets need also to show low contrast and fine details. The best examples of this type of chart are the Dead Leaves chart (TE276) and the Siemens star chart (TE253). We also offer multipurpose test charts (TE42) that incorporate both Dead Leaves targets and Siemens stars.

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iQ-Knowledge - texture loss

Learn more about the impact of texture loss on image quality

texture loss

Texture loss is the loss of fine details in an image due to a reduction of noise. Too much noise reduction, however, can lead to texture loss in the image details. Therefore, finding the right balance between noise reduction and texture loss is crucial to high image quality.

Learn more about the various methods, including Siemens stars and Dead Leaves charts, to measure and analyze texture loss.

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Vega - high stability illumination

A versatile DC light source for all camera testing requirements


Vega, one of our newest illumination devices, uses DC technology to create a high-stability light source. DC technology benefits all camera testing, including tests with very short exposure times, e.g., automotive-grade cameras.

  • High dynamic range testing
  • Very short exposure time testing
  • Extremely stable
  • Various flicker modes

This device is perfect for those looking for a much more accurate solution for high-intensity measurements, such as contrast detection probability (CDP), modulated light mitigation probability (MMP), noise, and tone curve measurement.

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Geometric camera calibration


GEOCAL is unique to geometric camera calibration because it does not require a relay lens or test charts necessary for other solutions. Instead, GEOCAL is a compact device that can generate a regular grid of light spots originating from infinity.

As a result, large field-of-view lenses such as those found in the automotive industry are much easier to calibrate using this device. Follow the link below for a video overview of GEOCAL and Geometric camera calibration.

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Nynomic Group

We are now a part of the Nynomic Group


As announced last week, we have officially become a part of the Nynomic Group. With Nynomic as a strategic investor, we now have a partner on our side from a similar background who can provide us with the resources to achieve our goals much faster and at the highest possible level.

Visit nynomic.com for more information, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

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