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IE is a trusted VCX test lab

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Image Engineering is one of the few trusted VCX test labs worldwide. As a trusted lab, we can perform a full VCX assessment for mobile camera performance.

VCX is a non-profit organization with the goal to provide consumers with a numeric score on the performance of mobile phone cameras. Last year they published VCX v2020 outlining the test procedure for mobile phone camera performance evaluation. Contact our lab to set up a VCX test.

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Multispectral illumination based on iQ-LED technology


The iQ-Multispectral is the latest advancement in imaging for the archiving industry. This device functions as a multispectral illumination light source based on iQ-LED technology to enhance the preservation of documents, texts, or images.

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Updates to the GEOCAL API


There are updates to both the GEOCAL C++ API and the GEOCAL C API. GEOCAL C++ API is now available in version 1.1.3, and the C API is now available in version 1.0.3. We have made various bug fixes for both versions. Please review API documentation for more information.

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TE269 V3

Advanced OECF 36 test chart


Our chart production team is always looking for ways to improve our test charts. For version 3 of the TE269, we increased the stability by modifying the metal frame to reduce the chances of stray light or reflections. TE269 is one of our most popular OECF charts and has 36 grey patches for high dynamic range measurements. This chart is suitable for ISO 14524, 15739, and IEC 62676-5.

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STEVE software update

Version update to the STEVE stabilization software


Version 1.2.2 of the STEVE image stabilization software is available for download from our website. This update includes a bug fix to the pivot point usage.

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iQ-Knowledge - Flare

Learn more about image flare and its impact on image quality


Image flare is unwanted light that did not originate from the related scene object. Learn about the various causes of flare and how to measure the flare performance of your camera using the test methods outlined in ISO 9358 and ISO 18844.

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