iQ-Near Focus

An advanced autofocus testing device

iQ-Near Focus

iQ-Near Focus is a unique device for evaluating the autofocus performance of a camera. With this device, you can focus the camera to a defined short distance with high temporal accuracy. We have fitted it with a high contrast translucent checkerboard test chart for precise focusing.

You can also combine it with the LED-Panel to give you a powerful solution for analyzing your camera system's timing and autofocus performance.

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A dynamic range of up to 1:100.000 for accurate low-light testing


The LE7 is an iQ-LED-powered uniform lightbox for transparent test charts. The LE7-E version provides you with the possibility to create a dynamic range of up to 1:100.000. Such a wide dynamic range greatly expands the testing possibilities, especially when testing low-light scenarios.

This particular version is currently the only iQ-LED device that can reach such a wide dynamic range. The LE7-E uses six iQ-LED modules, with the top center module covered with a 1.8 ND filter making it suitable for low-light testing down to 0.25 lx.

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iQ-Analyzer-X version 1.3

This version includes support for UTT evaluations


Version 1.3 of the iQ-Analyzer-X is now available for download. This version provides support for the UTT (Universal Test Target).

Before switching from iQ-Analyzer V6 to iQ-Analyzer-X for UTT measurements, we recommend that you first review the iQ-Analyzer-X UTT measurement support documentation. There have been a few changes to the analysis and results in the new version compared to the older version (V6).

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Low-light testing

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Low-light performance is the lowest light level that a camera can capture while retaining acceptable values across the various image quality factors. ISO standard 19093 outlines the multiple methods, such as using the TE42-LL test chart, for testing the low-light performance of a camera system.

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EPIC membership

We have become official members of the EPIC group


We are always looking for organizations that are committed to promoting higher standards in imaging and photonics. As a result, we are pleased to announce that we have joined the European Photonics Industry Consortium – EPIC.

EPIC brings together companies from all over Europe to promote the sustainable development of organizations working in photonics. We are excited to be a member of this great association.

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