A geometric calibration for larger cameras and distances


The GEOCAL-XL incorporates all the same features as the standard GEOCAL but has a significantly larger output window. This larger version is ideal for geometric calibration of cameras with large front lenses and in instances where the distance between the camera and GEOCAL needs to be large (e.g., calibrating through a windshield).

The GEOCAL line is a set of unique devices in the field of geometric camera calibration because they do not require a relay lens or test charts and can generate a grid of light spots originating from infinity.

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GEOCAL software 1.3.0

A new version of the GEOCAL software is available

GEOCAL software

In the latest version of the GEOCAL software, we have improved the point detection. We have also added the open CV fisheye model and implemented a few minor bug fixes. This version of the software is also compatible with the GEOCAL-XL.

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iQ-LED control software and iQ-LED API

Version 3.4.0 (control software) and 3.3.0 (API) are available

iQ-LED software

The latest version of the iQ-LED control software is available for download. This version includes a display with the active spectrometer temperature. Other changes include a few minor bug fixes in the user interface.

Version 3.3.0 of the iQ-LED API is also available. New features include adding a text file for import/export to spectrum class, adding getColorValues functions to spectrum class, and an added getSpectrometerTemperature function to SpectrometerController class. Contact our sales department for access to the latest version of the API.

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Join us at SPIE Photonics West

The event will be held January 25-27, 2022, in San Francisco

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As part of the Nynomic joint booth, we will participate in the SPIE Photonics West conference this January. This will be our first face-to-face conference in the USA since 2019, and we are looking forward to sharing the latest advancements in camera and sensor performance testing. As mentioned, you will locate us at the Nynomic booth (#549), including six total companies from the Nynomic Group.

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Shading test chart TE255 V2

TE255 V2 will replace TE255 V1 and TE282

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TE255 V2 is our most advanced diffuser plate for measuring the shading/vignetting of a digital camera. At this time, we will offer TE255 V1 and TE282 until our stock is depleted. After that, we will offer only TE255 V2, which will be the upgrade for both charts. This version will combine the traits of both charts for more accurate shading measurements. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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