iQ-Image Analysis API

Custom-made solutions for image evaluation during end-of-line testing

iQ-Image Analysis API

The iQ-Image Analysis API is the foundation for providing individual solutions for your end-of-line testing needs. This API can accommodate individual pass/fail thresholds for automating end-of-line testing.

The API is based on C++ and thus can be implemented into existing software. It allows for high-speed data analysis and transfer, making it especially useful for production line evaluations.

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iQ-Near Focus

An advanced autofocus test solution

iQ-Near Focus

iQ-Near Focus is a unique device for evaluating the autofocus performance of a camera. It can be combined with the LED-Panel to give you a powerful solution for analyzing your camera system's timing and autofocus performance.

With the iQ-Near Focus, you can focus the camera to a defined short distance with high temporal accuracy. We have fitted it with a high-contrast translucent checkerboard test chart for precise focusing.

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Security camera image quality

Using IEC 62676-5 to evaluate the image quality performance of surveillance cameras

Security camera image quality

The security and video surveillance camera industry has experienced an explosion in growth over the last few decades. Most public spaces are now under surveillance for the populace's safety, and more cameras are installed daily. However, it's crucial to understand that it is not necessarily the number of cameras but the quality of their image processing that matters.

In 2018, the IEC technical committee TC79 published IEC 62676-5, the first internationally recognized standard for security camera and video surveillance performance testing.

The standard provides an in-depth outline of the performance thresholds that the camera and video systems must attain to be acceptable for public use. These thresholds are analyzed by testing the system for various key performance indicators (KPIs) established in the standard.

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Faster spectral sensitivity measurements


camSPECS measures the spectral sensitivity of a camera system more effectively than traditional methods by mounting all the interference filters onto one "test chart." The 39 filters are mounted on the front plate of the camSPECS device and provide monochromatic light from 380 to 760 nm. The built-in light source ensures equal output for each filter and does not exceed the camera's dynamic range.

We offer two variations of camSPECS, in a standard and XL version. The camSPECS XL uses the same high-quality interference filters, but they have twice the diameter of the standard version.

We will showcase the camSPECS at next month's Color and Imaging Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Color and Imaging Conference

Join us in Scottsdale!


The 30th annual Color and Imaging Conference will be held from November 13-17, 2022, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our CEO Dietmar Wueller and IE partner Eric Walowit will be teaching a short course on Camera Color Characterization: Theory and Practice. The course will provide an overview of the basics of color science, including colorimetric camera characterization, the importance of characterization and calibration, and its impact on image quality.

We will also have a booth at the conference to display a few solutions for camera color characterization and calibration, including the camSPECS and the TE292 color calibration test chart.

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