Time-of-Flight characterization

ToF camera characterization in a test lab

ToF article

Time-of-flight (ToF) camera technology refers to the ability of the camera and sensor system to accurately determine object distances in the field-of-view (FoV) and 3D map the scene. These camera systems are regularly implemented into ADAS applications for depth mapping a scene. As with other camera systems, ToF systems must be calibrated and characterized to ensure high performance and safety.

At Image Engineering, we use the principles of ToF technology to develop advanced test targets and test stands for ToF characterization in a controlled test lab environment. We work closely with our customers to create a solution that meets their requirements. Contact our sales team for details.

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TE42-LL Timing chart

A multipurpose test chart for timing measurements

TE42-LL Timing

The TE42-LL Timing chart combines the standard TE42-LL chart for low-light testing and two LED-Panels for timing measurements. The TE42-LL is the exact chart used in ISO 19093, which describes the methods and procedures for measuring the low light performance of a digital camera. The LED-Panel is designed to measure the crucial timing parameters outlined in ISO 15781.

Two LED-Panels are integrated into opposite corners of the TE42-LL Timing chart, thus creating an accurate low-light scene with timing measurement capabilities. The TE42-LL Timing chart is also currently utilized by the VCX-Forum for low-light timing measurements.

Follow the video link for a demonstration of the TE42-LL Timing chart.

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iQ-Near Focus

An advanced autofocus test device

iQ-Near Focus

iQ-Near Focus will help you evaluate the autofocus performance of a camera. It consists of a high contrast, motorized, translucent checkerboard test chart and a standalone frame mounted on wheels for easy placement. The high contrast test chart is used to actuate autofocus reliably on the camera.

It can be combined with the TE42-LL Timing test chart with its integrated LED-Panels to give you a powerful solution for analyzing your camera system's timing and autofocus performance.

Follow the video link for a demonstration of the complete setup with iQ-Near Focus.

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LED-Panel V5

Analyze all the essential camera timing parameters

LED-Panel V5

The LED-Panel can dim the LED array, which significantly improves the use of the device under low-light conditions. Other parameters have improved accuracy, including rolling shutter, shutter lag, frame rate, and bright-light conditions. Finally, the USB interface now supports the entire speed range of the LED-Panel.

The device uses an array of LEDs illuminated in different modes and frequencies and follows the requirements outlined by the timing measurement standard ISO 15781. We offer LED-Panel variations with differing wavelengths of peak and viewing angles and versions that support near IR testing.

Follow the video link to see the LED-Panel incorporated into the TE42-LL Timing chart.

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2023 product catalog

The latest edition of the IE product catalog is now available

Product catalog

The 2023 IE product catalog is now available for download. This past year we have upgraded many of our products and services. Our test lab now offers webcam testing using the VCX-WebCam 2023 standard and camPAS testing for objective automotive camera and sensor testing.

We have also upgraded many of our software and API products, including the iQ-Analyzer-X image quality analysis software. We have also upgraded many of our hardware products, including the iQ-Climate Chamber for temperature-controlled testing and the Vega light source for high-precision measurements of cameras with very short exposure times.

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