Webcam test chart accordingto VCX

A webcam test chart according to VCX


Our latest test chart, TE295, is designed using the specifications outlined in the VCX-WebCam 2023 standard. TE295 is a multipurpose chart that allows you to analyze multiple image quality factors in one image. We also have designed this chart to be combined with a mannequin head for a more real testing scenario.

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Geometric camera calibration

Geometric camera calibration with GEOCAL


GEOCAL is a compact solution that maps distortion using a beam-expanded laser combined with a diffractive optical element (DOE). This solution eliminates the need for extensive floor space, external light sources, relay lenses, etc., while still providing the ability to measure all lens distortion's intrinsic and extrinsic parameters.

We also offer GEOCAL-XL for cameras with larger front lenses, and we will soon offer GEOCAL-IR with a peak wavelength of 935 nm for IR-only cameras.

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High-intensity illuminators

High-precision measurements using the Vega product line


Vega is a light source developed for high-precision measurements of camera systems, including those with very short exposure times, such as automotive-grade systems. Vega is powered by DC-driven LED technology and also has advanced flicker capabilities.

We are also pleased to announce that this past week at AutoSens, we introduced Arcturus, an illumination device that can generate enough intensity to challenge sensors with very high sensitivity. This development is essential for today's image sensors and high dynamic range configurations that make testing at or close to sensor saturation difficult.

We will release more information on Arcturus in the coming weeks.

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Camera motion simulator

Use STEVE to generate your camera's movement


In the past, most image stabilization tests have focused on human hand tremors. Handshake profiles have been established by the TC42 WG18 ISO committee, which can then be used in a test lab to recreate the movement and test camera response to handshaking. However, these profiles don't account for other cameras in other industries. Luckily, several apps available today can record different shaking profiles that you can then use to create camera movement in a test lab.

A camera motion simulator such as STEVE is recommended to recreate these movement profiles in a test lab setting. STEVE uses six degrees of freedom to generate the movement and test the influence of camera shaking on the optical image stabilizers of your camera.

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LED-Panel V5 update

Verification of accuracy


Please be aware that the accuracy of the quartz oscillator in the LED-Panel V5 decreases over time. The accuracy specified in the datasheet is valid for two years but may increase by 2ppm (0.0002%) per year. We recommend verifying the accuracy of your LED-Panel every two years for those relying on high accuracy. We offer accuracy verification and will tune the crystal oscillator if it's not within the stated range. Contact us for more information.

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iQ-LED Software update

iQ-LED Software

We have released a beta version of the iQ-LED software, version 3.6.0. This version fixes a bug that has been affecting the stability of illuminant creation. Please note that this release is only a beta version; the final version will be released in the coming weeks.

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