Camera color calibration

‍‍Using the LE7 and camSPECS plate

camSPECS plate

Combining the LE7 uniform lightbox with the camSPECS plate (TE292) offers a powerful solution for camera color calibrations. The LE7 uses the spectrally tunable iQ-LED technology to allow you to generate custom spectra for calibrations. The camSPECS plate mounts all interference filters onto one "test chart" to quickly measure spectral sensitivities using a single image. We offer a standard, XL, and IR version of the camSPECS plate.

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TE42-LL - New chart variations

‍TE42-LL 2AR and TE42-LL UW


We have expanded the TE42-LL multipurpose chart series with two new variations. TE42-LL UW uses a pattern in the chart's corners and center, which features five fixed spatial frequencies that can be analyzed. This design allows high flexibility regarding the location of the measurement region. The pattern is larger in the corner, so even strong barrel distortion allows measurement in the image corner.

The TE42-LL 2AR (2 aspect ratios) version combines 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios on one chart plane. The center of the chart will stay exactly the same as the original TE42-LL test chart, but now, extra Siemens stars are added on the outside to account for the different aspect ratios.

TE42-LL 2AR analysis support will be available in iQ-Analyzer-X version 1.9.0, and TE42-LL UW will be available in version 1.10.

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Spectrally tunable light sources

‍‍Using the iQ-Flatlights for test lab illumination


When utilizing reflective targets, a typical test setup in our iQ-Lab includes the target and the spectrally tunable iQ-Flatlights for flexible illumination. These lights are powered by iQ-LED technology, which allows you to generate custom spectra in a range of 380 – 820 nm. They are very effective in low-light testing scenarios and pair well with our TE42 multipurpose test charts.

We also offer a VIS-IR (visible infrared) version of the iQ-Flatlights that expands the spectral range to 380 – 1050 nm for near-infrared testing.

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VCX-Webcam performance testing

‍‍New products available for webcam testing


When the VCX-Forum introduced the VCX-WebCam 2023 standard for webcam testing, we began developing various products based on the standard test methods. The latest device, iQ-Headturner, allows you to attach a realistic mannequin head and control its movements. Combining it with the TE295 creates a solution for measuring a camera's performance to natural human head movements and other KPIs outlined in the standard.

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IE on the road

‍‍April 21-25 - National Harbor, Maryland, USA


We will exhibit at this year's SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing conference. Stop by our booth to discuss the latest image quality characterization and calibration advancements with our engineers.

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2024 product catalog

‍‍Download now from our website

IE catalog

The 2024 IE product catalog is now available for download. This past year has been a busy year for us and there are many new additions to our portfolio, including Webcam testing solutions, KORK, an active radar reflector, and adaptive white illumination technology to replace fluorescent tubes.

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